30 by 30

1.  Run a full marathon - Signed up for the Carlsbad Full Marathon (January 2016)  I need to think of something else to replace this with, I no longer have the desire to do this, and I know it would only be bad for my body

2.  Start a project management degree
3.  Get control of my weight back - I've started going to a personal trainer, so hope fully he can help with this!
4.  Figure out what exactly is going on with my health (stomach etc) and FIX IT - Eosinophillic Esophagitis, it's a stupid food allergy thing.  We think it's Wheat, corn, and soy...more to come 
5.  Bake and sell my cupcakes for at least one client/event
6.  Learn to scuba dive
7.  Take burlesque dance classes/perform
8.  Break a 9 minute mile
9.  Get Derek snipped
10.  Run a Nike Women’s Half Marathon I'm retiring from running after Big Sur in November, so this one is out too!
11.  Visit New Orleans
12.  Attempt (and likely fail) gardening
13.  Learn to sail
14.  Go to Hawaii
15.  Hike a mountain
16.  Get out of debt (barring Derek’s student loans)
17.  Eat something that’s still alive - Just had live scallops at Blue Ocean, and I must say, they were amazing!
18.  Escape to a cabin in the mountains, just us 2, just because - Memorial Day 2015!  We went to Idyllwild, and now we want to buy a cabin up there :)
19. Refinish a piece of furniture
20.  Volunteer regularly at Planned Parenthood or a women’s shelter (or both)
21.  Find a local organization that helps get young girls into STEM, and help out

22.  Start an etsy shop to sell cross stitch patterns
23.  Learn how to sew
24.  Dye my hair an unnatural color - 13June2015, dyed my hair a purpley silver color!!!!
25.  Do a sexy/boudoir photo-shoot
26.  Start getting massages regularly
27.  Go to a chiropractor
28.  Start getting mani/pedis regularly again
29.  Adopt an elderly pug
30.  Be even more confident in myself than I am today!

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